Upload custom oscillators and effects

KORG opened their multi-engine to develop custom oscillators and effects. To upload them you can use their tool Sound Librarian.

Sound Librarian

KORG provides the users with a small app call Sound Librarian to manage the programs on the minilogue xd and prologue respectively. It is available for Mac and Windows:

KORG Sound Librarian on Windows 10

Steps to upload a custom oscillator

To upload a custom oscillator and/or effect you need some kind of .mnlgxdunitt file, which is a user unit file built using the logue SDK.

KORG already provides us with an example oscillators named ‘waves’ which is pre-installed and which source code is available in their repository.

When you have built this, you will get a waves.mnlgxdunitt file. In this demonstration I have set the project name to foo so we don’t get confused. So in this example the final User Unit file is named foo.mnlgxdunitt.

User Unit file for the KORG waves oscillator

This can then be easily dragged and dropped into the Sound Librarian.

Waves Oscillator dragged to Sound Librarian app

After this step you just need to click on SEND ALL in the USER OSC/FX section and here we go…

The new user oscillator foo is available on the – in my case – the minilogue xd.

Custom User Oscillator uploaded to KORG minilogue xd

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