First date -- getting to know the Digitone

Hell yes. This thing is sexy 🔥

The box

I have to confess that I’ve never owned an Elektron device before. I was aware of them, but I always thought, that these boxes are more for performers on stage and not for the introverted humans at home.

How wrong I was.

I’ve bought the Digitone.

Red light and sexy FM synth

And not because of all the mega and intense sales videos from 2018, but because of’s Elektron’s very own Ess and his awesome Twitch stream during 2020s pandemia:

FM Synthesis with Ess and the Digitone

This stream and the sounds during it totally transformed me into a fanboy.

Digitone SysEx

The next cool thing I stumbled across were these releases on Bandcamp which included some awesome Sysex files for the Digitone. Example this one:

And another Bandcamp release – mainly for the Digitakt – included some simplified Max patches which seemed to be similar to the early Max prototyypes for the Digitone. See

Some insights

And I found this really nice interview from 2019 which includes some nice insights of the development process which led to the Digitone.

Interview on YouTube

User Interface

…so after these first 4 days with the Digitone I must say. The User Experience is very nice. Also without the manual I was able to create some nice patterns, projects and sounds. And there is so much more to find out.

Maybe I can add some video with soon, when I’ve found my cojones some nice FM tunes.

July 12, 2020
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