Thoughts about things that randomly popped into my mind.. About synthesizers, events, venues, artists, new software I discovered and other super interesting slipslop.

In the vast universe of music production blogs, mine occupies a modest corner. It’s a personal space where I jot down thoughts on making music, primarily when time allows. My journey through sound is not marked by frequent updates or a large following, but by a quiet dedication to the craft.

I explore topics like crafting tunes with Ableton, designing patches with Max MSP, delving into the coding behind audio DSP, and the tactile joy of playing with synthesizers. My blog reflects a deep appreciation for the nuances of sound, shared through sporadic posts that delve into both the complexities of software like Max MSP and the tangible pleasure of hardware synthesizers.

As a practitioner, not an enthusiast, my approach is pragmatic. I share insights into creative coding and its impact on music production, offering glimpses into my experiments with modular Eurorack synthesizers. These posts, though infrequent, are invitations into my world of sound exploration.

My blog doesn’t stand out in the crowded digital landscape, nor does it seek to. It’s a quiet nook where I archive my explorations, available for those who stumble upon it. The entries are sporadic, echoing the rhythm of my life and the moments I choose to engage deeply with my passion for electronic music.

In essence, this blog is a personal diary of sound, an unassuming collection of insights from my journey in music production. It’s a space where I, whenever time permits, share the joys and challenges of creating music, hoping to connect with others who find beauty in the craft as I do.

in love with audio & MIDI since 1999