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MIDI, Audio & Productivity

Music first stole my heart, a melodious love story that never fades. But then, coding whispered its logic, turning passion into an intricate symphony of problem-solving and creation.

Hey there! Meet “CC PAL” and “X/Y PAL,” your new best friends in the music-making journey, ready to rock your world on iOS. Imagine having the power to control MIDI signals on your synths and software with just a few taps on your screen - that’s “CC PAL” for you. It’s like having a magic wand to command your musical army. And then there’s “X/Y PAL,” which is like the cool cousin who brings the fun to the party with its slick X/Y pad, letting you tweak and twist your sounds in real-time. Both apps are super easy to get along with, playing nice with all your gear, making sure you’re always in control, whether you’re laying down tracks in your bedroom or bringing the house down on stage.

Let’s be real, we all want to spend more time jamming and less time fussing with complicated setups. That’s where “CC PAL” and “X/Y PAL” shine. They’re all about making life easier and more fun. Dive into “CC PAL” when you want to get meticulous with your MIDI, or swipe over to “X/Y PAL” when you feel like painting your sounds across the canvas with broad, expressive strokes. These apps don’t judge - they just want to help you make awesome music in your own way.

But hey, we’re not just about the tunes. We’ve also cooked up something special for Mac OS - a nifty little app that’s all about making the most of your time, so you can focus more on what you love (like making music!). It’s straightforward, no-nonsense, and, dare we say, a bit of a life-saver for those of us trying to juggle a million things at once. So, whether you’re trying to track your studio hours or just need a better way to organize your day, we’ve got you covered. Together, “CC PAL,” “X/Y PAL,” and our handy Mac OS app are here to make your life a bit easier and a whole lot more fun. Let’s make some noise!

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