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sounds, packs & noise

Even my granny is creating sample packs and putting them on Gumroad – I want to be part of this sample pack movement.. So I went with the flow and placed some WAV files here. They come from jam sessions, field recording or my fork when it hit the ground during cooking.

Dive into the zany world of our soundscapes and noise sample packs on Gumroad, where the mundane becomes extraordinary, and the silence gets delightfully noisy. Forget about music; we’re talking about the art of sound in its wildest form. Picture a canvas painted with the bustling hum of a city at dawn, the serene hush of a forest blanketed in snow, or the chaotic charm of a kitchen in full swing. These aren’t just sounds; they’re stories waiting to be told, emotions ready to be felt, and scenes set to be painted with the palette of your imagination.

Our collection is a smorgasbord of the audible texture, perfect for sound designers, filmmakers, podcasters, or anyone who’s ever fancied turning the rustle of leaves into a rhythm section. From the soothing to the surreal, our packs are your gateway to creating soundscapes that transport your audience to another place, another time, or even another dimension.

And guess what? You name your price! Yes, you can snag these auditory adventures for free or show some love with a donation. It’s like finding a treasure chest in your backyard, but instead of gold, it’s filled with the richest sounds the world has to offer. Your support keeps our mics on and our adventures in sound discovery going.

Why stick to the beaten track when you can explore the vast landscapes of sound with us? Our Gumroad sample packs are your ticket to an auditory journey like no other. So, what are you waiting for? Step into our virtual store and start weaving soundscapes that breathe life into your projects, challenge your creativity, and maybe even make your listeners’ ears do a double-take. Let the symphony of the world be your muse, and let’s make some noise that breaks all the rules!

in love with audio & MIDI since 1999